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One stop rental shop

Find everything you need, All in one place. Discover the renting experience with a wide range of products.

Wide range of products

Find everything you need and more with our extensive range of products available online. From electronics to fashion and home essentials, we've got you covered.

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Rent it, Use it, Return it

All from the comfort of your own home, without the commitment of ownershipsss.

Rent with confidence

Convenient and cost-effective access to the things you need, at the perfect price.

Enhance your renting experience and broaden your knowledge with one platform. Rent smarter and elevate your rental game
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Choose the products you want to rent and explore different categories

Browse through our vast collection of rental products and select the ones that best suit your needs. Our platform offers a wide range of categories to choose from, ensuring you find what you're looking for.


Track your rental progress and discover new products to rent

Keep track of your current rental orders and explore our platform to discover new and exciting rental products. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily manage your rentals and find new items to rent.


Rent products from various merchants at your own convenience and comfort

Enjoy the convenience of renting products from multiple merchants all in one place. Our platform offers a hassle-free rental experience, allowing you to rent products from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.


Join the community of satisfied customers and experience the ease and comfort of renting products online.

  • With our easy-to-use platform, renting products has never been more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Ensuring that customers will always find what they need.
  • Our convenient and reliable platform makes renting products a hassle-free experience for millions of people around the world.

Testimonials from customers who recommend our rental platform

Nick Williams

I needed to rent some health care equipment for my elderly mother, and I found everything I needed on JAGIZMO. The process was so easy and convenient, and the equipment was in great condition. I highly recommend this platform to anyone in need of health care equipment rentals.

Lili Bocouse

As a musician who travels frequently, I rely on renting equipment rather than lugging my own around. JAGIZMO has been a game-changer for me - I can easily find the gear I need in any city I'm visiting, and the quality is always top-notch. I highly recommend this platform to any fellow musicians out there.

Esther Howard

I'm a fitness enthusiast, and I'm always trying out new workout equipment. JAGIZMO has made it so easy for me to rent gear for a trial run before committing to purchasing anything. Plus, the variety of equipment available is fantastic - I've tried everything from TRX bands to rowing machines. Highly recommend!.

Jane Cooper

I needed to rent a car for a weekend getaway, and I was blown away by the options available on Around. Not only was the rental process super smooth, but the prices were unbeatable. I'll never go back to traditional car rental companies again.

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

Need help? Contact our customer support team for assistance ?

Yes! All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run through the Apps and the Mobile Web App, and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. However, mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

Simply look for our name in the App Store or in the Android Market. In the Android Market, if you can't find our App, that likely means your phone is not supported.

The account setup can be completed within the app. You can also reach Rent Now button in the top right of our webpage. Then click login, followed by New User under the login area.

Our platform offers a wide range of products from different categories such as healthcare, music, sports, appliances, automobiles, electronics, and more. You can browse through the categories available on the app to find the products you need.

To rent a product, simply browse the categories or simply search and select the item you want to rent. Then, select the rental period and complete the checkout process. You will receive instructions on how to pick up or receive the product.

The rental period varies depending on the product and the vendor's rental policy. You can see the rental period options on the product page before you check out.

You can pay for your rental using our secure payment gateway. We accept all major credit cards and other payment methods. Payment will be charged at the time of checkout.

You are responsible for any damage caused to the product during your rental period. Please contact the our support team to report any damages and to arrange for repair or replacement.

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